Arts and Entertainment Law in the Greater Chicago, IL Area

Transactions in the arts and entertainment industry present various business, financial and creative challenges. As you attempt to navigate the complex waters of entertainment and intellectual property law, you’ll need the support of an attorney you can trust. Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC provides a comprehensive range of legal services to Chicago, IL individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether you’re writing a first novel, painting a new masterpiece, or producing a film, you need help in understanding the legal issues which will arise.  Due to the complex copyright and financial issues involved, you should consult with a lawyer.  Key in protecting your creative endeavors is understanding copyright law and how contracts in the field operate.  Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC strongly believes in educating our clients so that they understand their contracts and know when to call.  We work with individuals in various creative fields as well as with producers, art advisors, and art collectors.
Hurley Stanners & Matsko, LLC is fully equipped to assist you with an array of art and entertainment related legal concerns.  Call now to learn more about our services available to you.